Senator Obama Praises U.S.-Israel Relationship, Calls Iran a Threat

In his first major speech on Middle East policy since his election to the Senate, Presidential candidate Barack Obama (D-IL) told a crowd of AIPAC supporters that Israel is "our strongest ally in the region and its only established democracy."

The Senator's remarks took place in front of 800 delegates attending an afternoon AIPAC Foreign Policy Forum at a downtown Chicago hotel.

In his address, Sen. Obama emphasized the urgency of stopping Iran's illicit nuclear activities.  "The world must work to stop Iran's uranium enrichment program and prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons," Obama said.  "It is far too dangerous to have nuclear weapons in the hands of a radical theocracy."

Sen. Obama also noted that a Palestinian unity government "under a Hamas prime minister, without any recognition of Israel... is not good enough," and said "we must tell... Mr. Abbas that he has to do better."

To read a transcript of Sen. Obama's remarks, click here.

Source: AIPAC

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